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Limitless Art Gallery

Kohala Ohana


Hand blown glass whale pod sculpture by Evan Schauss.  

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©2015SchaussGlassblowingLLC WhaleFamW:Stand.jpg
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©2015SchaussGlassblowingLLC WhaleFamW:Stand.Mama.jpg

Additional Info

Hand blown glass whale sculptures arranged on custom Koa wood and metal stand by Evan Schauss. Your sculpture will be in the same design as the examples above, but will be one of a kind.  We can email you a photo of your sculpture before shipping it to you.  Your sculpture will be ready to ship or pick up at the studio 60-90 days after purchasing.  Rush orders may be possible.  Sizes are approximate.  Additional Shipping and Handling costs may apply.  We will insure all items through UPS or FedEx when shipped.